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We are in the process of discovering the rich tradition of Indian craftsmanship. Our team recently took a journey to the magical city of Channapatna in the State of Karnataka, also known as the capital of the manufacture of wooden toys. Here, we found a vibrant community of skilled craftsmen who have honed their craft over several generations.

The Indian population is one of the youngest on the planet, and children hold a special place in the family circle. Wooden toys have been a significant part of Indian culture for centuries, and Channapatna is home to some of the finest artisans who create these timeless toys. Our first stop was Bharat Arts and Crafts, a manufacturer in this business for several decades.

We were privileged to witness the creation of these beautiful toys and the precision to create them. The artisans at Bharat Arts and Crafts explained to us the love and dedication that goes into the creation of each toy. The gestures they make are the result of years of learning and transmission of knowledge from family and masters to students. Their skill and their passion for their craft amazed us.

Every street in Channapatna is full of sellers and artisans. The variety of creations and the number of creators is spectacular. It is truly a unique and magical place, and no one could miss it.

Our collection features a variety of wooden toys that are perfect for children of all ages. From classic spinning tops and push toys to more complex puzzles and games, we have something for everyone. The source of each toy is natural materials and is absolutely safe for children to play with. We take great care to ensure that our toys meet the highest quality standards and with the utmost care and attention to detail. If you want to discover the beauty of Indian craftsmanship, we invite you to explore our collection of wooden toys from Channapatna. These toys are not only for play, but they are a reflection of a rich cultural tradition where it gets passing down from generation to generation. We hope you will join us on this journey of discovery and exploration. Thank you for choosing From India Boutique. From India Boutique is delighted to share this discovery with you to explore our collection of wooden toys from Channapatna. Each toy is a testament to the skill, dedication and passion of the artisan who makes them. We believe that supporting these artisans will help us preserve this rich tradition of Indian craftsmanship and keep it alive for future generations.

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During our first visit to CHANNAPATNA, the city's enchanting atmosphere and remarkable craftsmanship attracted our team. On our next trip, we opted for an authentic Indian experience by travelling via auto rickshaw. What could be more Indian than travelling with this vehicle? Over two hours from BANGALORE, we soon had a conversation with a gentleman whose wife sat by the entrance of his quaint shop - a space seemingly frozen in time. We connected with him and he agreed to give us a tour of his factory. We discovered a range of beautiful toys, distinctly different from those we had seen before, in CHANNAPATNA. Our mission at From India Boutique is to share these artisanal experiences and create ethical trade opportunities for families and their teams. Explore our collection and discover the magic of these creations, perfect for children and adults alike. Also, we are proud to introduce a new push-along toy model from another factory that manifests the passion and hard work of its skilled craftsman.

From India Boutique is proud to continue our mission of showcasing these exceptional crafts and sharing human connections while promoting fair trade and providing new markets for them. We invite you to explore our collection and bring a touch of magic to both children and adults alike.

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A great initiative by Madam Nandini Karanje and Rekha Mavinkurve. URVEE is an association of women who are financially impoverished. We are glad to meet them on our journey in Bangalore. We are very much inspired and impressed with their goal “.... to teach a craft that was not only unique but also eco friendly in nature and earn from it.”

Urvee’s products are eco-friendly. They manufacture bags and notebooks from recycled paper. Besides, URVEE has won many distinctions across India and even internationally, where this initiative was noticed. From India Boutique had no other desire to be associated with this success but to provide strong continuous support by orders and continue to supply its range of URVEE products. We keep an incredible bond of friendship and respect towards NANDINI and all these women who work daily to make these wonderful unique handmade products. From India Boutique is proud to be a partner of URVEE and will do its best to increase its support for these women.

URVEE, Bangalore, India. Products: Hand Stitched Diary, Bamboo diary, BookMarks floral, Wall art, Greeting cards, Small Toothpick Notebooks, Gift bags, Corporate Gift set, Handmade Gifts Photo Frames, Hand-painted decorated Diyas.

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From India Boutique always has gratitude for the creativity and craftsmanship of the men and women who manufacture objects in India. We remain committed to discovering skilled artisans and supporting their work by promoting their beautiful creations.

During our journeys in Channapatna, we came across a woman of old age who made elegant bamboo baskets. Despite her age, she was still passionate about her craft and eagerly showed us her skills. Her techniques are impressive, and we spent a considerable time observing her work.

Despite the language barrier between us, our exchange is warmth and kindness, expressed through smiles and gestures. We purchased a considerable quantity of baskets, which we cherish as a symbol of our meaningful interaction.

This encounter represents the fundamental reason for the foundation of From India Boutique - to enrich our lives through meaningful relationships, discover passionate artisans and support their work by promoting their products. By purchasing these beautiful baskets, we can aid this talented woman and promote her work to a broad audience.

We are grateful to this woman for sharing her skill and passion with us and look forward to visiting her again to purchase more of her exquisite baskets. Our goal is to offer her creations to as many people as possible, providing them with the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of her work and the talent of Indian artisans.

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