Handmade Neem Wooden Ladle2
Handmade Neem Wooden Ladle1
Handmade Neem Wooden Ladle

Handmade Neem Wooden Ladle (Set of 6)

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Handmade Neem Wooden Ladle2

Handmade Neem Wooden Ladle (Set of 6)

Regular price Rs. 350
Sale price Rs. 350 Regular price

From India’s Neem Wood Compact Flip/Spatula/Ladle for Cooking Dosa/Roti/Chapati | Kitchen Tools | No Harmful Polish | Naturally Non-Stick | Handmade (Set of 6)

  • Handmade and Durable: Our wooden spoon set is both handmade and durable, crafted from high-quality neem wood that is resistant to deformation and heat. These kitchen utensils are made with health standards in mind and will not impart any unpleasant flavors to your food.

  • Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly: Made from eco-friendly, BPA-free materials, this cooking utensil set is non-toxic and can be reused an unlimited number of times. The non-scratch wooden spatulas are gentle on all types of cookware and will not leave any unsightly marks.

  • Set of 6 Pieces: This set includes six pieces of non-stick kitchenware, providing a variety of wooden spoons to meet all your cooking and serving needs. 

  • Easy to Clean: To clean, simply hand wash the set with mild detergent and let it dry naturally.

Product specification :


Neem Wood

Dimension (LxWxH)

30.5 x 7.5 x 2.6 Cm




Clear Natural Brown



Wooden spoons are not only versatile, but they also possess a timeless aesthetic. They have been a fixture in our kitchens for centuries, preceding the introduction of steel and plastic alternatives. Embracing the use of wooden spoons is a tradition worth upholding, passed down from our ancestors.

A quality kitchen essential, wooden spoons add both functionality and beauty to your culinary endeavors. Made from durable neem wood, even serving spoons can become a stylish addition to your table setting.

With a soft finish that won't scratch your pots and pans, these gentle spoons are the perfect for any recipe. The wooden handle provides a sturdy and secure grip, making stirring a breeze without the risk of handle breakage.

Protect your non-stick pans and other cookware with the non-abrasive wooden spatulas and ladles. They are effective at scraping food from pan edges and bottoms without causing any damage. Preserve the finishes of your cookware while enjoying delicious meals with these dependable wooden utensils.